Add Magic to your Festival Outfit, Radiate Positivity, Save the Earth

Experiencing life's magic & positivity.


The world is beautiful - but has been dulled by negativity & normalcy. Too many times, we see people going through the motions of life rather than embracing and seeing all of its beauty. It needs your shining, sparkly, colorful, imperfect, beautiful self to radiate your positivity and make a change for the good! 


Life is meant to be lived, to be heard, to adventure, and to find the magic in everything.

Jewelry that loves you & the Earth

Ethically Handmade

Handmade with love. Small business, meaning no poor labor or working conditions.

Unique & One-of-a-Kind

Earth's magic = unique! 

Explore unique pieces and one-of-a-kind styles made for you.


Natural stones = less synthetic materials. Each jewel purchase plants a tree!

Comfortable to Fit

Comfortable style with cozy styles using materials such as vegan leather.

Versatile Style

Turn your pieces into bracelets, necklaces, headpieces, anything to fit your top styles

Festival Friendly

Enjoy comfort & durability to withstand your crazy festival nights ;)

Friendly to yourself and the Earth.

Each jewel sold = 1 tree planted


The Rachel Andrea Collection partners with One Tree Planted, a 501c(3) non-profit dedicated to re-foresting the Earth at a global scale. Each piece purchased plants a tree. To request where you would like your tree(s) planted, you can contact me at or right after your purchase. See the locations here.


Life is a collection of moments. Each piece is uniquely crafted for you to wear at your life's most vibrant and magical moments - whether you're rocking your festival hair braids, prepping for Coachella 2020, gathering your dream wedding outfit, or getting ready for any life event thrown at you, live out your life's happiest moments to the fullest!


Ready to explore the magic?

Who is Rachel Andrea?

That's me! My jewelry is inspired by Earth's beautifully underrated stones. I've been crafting jewelry for over 14 years.


My inspiration comes from nature, fantasy, and festivals. I enjoy letting my mind wander and imagine a peaceful world that we all would like to live in. I believe that we are all children at heart and should embrace that explorative curiosity and see life through a lens of possibilities.


Currently residing in the lovely city of Chicago I enjoy exploring new places, traveling, going to festivals, and living life to the fullest. 



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