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party look, here's some sparkly inspirat
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We believe that life's a party.

You are beautiful and have a unique power within you that no one else has. Crystals provide their own beauty and energy. Wear things that match your energy. Find your power and share it with the world.

Our jewelry is ethically handmade and created with unique styles that help you express you who you are. Life is too short to live inside the lines. This community is for the change-makers, bosses and those who thrive to live life to the fullest and see the magic in the everyday.

Life is meant to be lived, to be heard, to adventure, and to find the magic in everything.

Ethically Handmade

Handmade with love. Small business, meaning no poor labor or working conditions.

Unique & One-of-a-Kind

Earth's magic = unique! 

Explore unique pieces and one-of-a-kind styles made for you.


Natural stones = less synthetic materials. Each jewel purchase plants a tree!

Comfortable to Fit

Comfortable style with cozy styles using materials such as vegan leather.

Versatile Style

Turn your pieces into bracelets, necklaces, headpieces, anything to fit your top styles

Festival Friendly

Enjoy comfort & durability to withstand your crazy festival nights ;)