A Brighter Spring: 4 Fun and Simple Must Do Spring Activities (No Cleaning Required!)

Ahhh, 'tis the season of Spring. Where the cold will [hopefully] lessen and the flowers will bloom into a colorful array of green goodness we've all been waiting for! The time you will hear about "Spring Cleaning!" and "Spring Break!". With all the new-ness around us, this time of year calls for a fresh new batch of new activities you can do with your friends or family.

You may be familiar with the same-old "go to the Farmer's Market", "Take a Walk", "Go on a Spring Break trip" or "Clean your House". But let's get back to the simple joys that this season brings us. Therefore, I present to you 4 fun AND easy Spring activities you can and should do this year. I promise you will have a blast:

1) Get Happier by Having an Outdoor Picnic with Friends or Family!

Say goodbye to the Winter Blues! Did you know that spending time in natural sunlight releases a hormone in your brain called serotonin? This hormone helps regulate mood, anxiety and helps you feel happier. After a cloudy Winter, a nice picnic in the sun is perfect for our bodies. Because now that you can [hopefully] sit outside without needing a heavy jacket and mittens, use the warmer weather to your advantage by enjoying a nice lunch outside.

Not only will a picnic increase your mood, but having a nice meal outside is a perfect refresh for your social schedule. Rather than huddling up inside somewhere, there's nothing more refreshing than enjoying nature and spending time with friends and family. A scenery-change can be the perfect mix to have something to look forward to.

2) Get Colorful by Planting a Garden

If you don't usually do this, you might be thinking "I don't have time for that, nor do I have many gardening tools" or "I live in an apartment - I don't even have a yard!". NO FEAR! You don't need to own any land to plant a garden. Thanks to technology, you can plant a garden in your own space without the need for a yard! Growing your own garden is excellent in a few ways:

First, it's great to grow your own herbs and plants for cooking. You know where they came from and how they were grown so there's no mystery of their past. They will also be that much tastier knowing that you planted them on your own. If you planted flowers, they can add a nice addition to your home and since they are planted, they won't die right away. You can also give them as gifts as they grow!

Second, a garden will tidy up the air in your space and make it look much happier! Imagine coming home after a long day to a beautiful array of flowers or herbs. Greenery and colorful flowers add a pop of color and will feel more inviting every time you come home at the end of the day. Plants are wonderful for purifying air since they soak up the carbon dioxide and process it into oxygen. So not only will your space look more beautiful, but you can take a deep breath and enjoy the cleaner air!

Third, a nice small dose of responsibility will make you feel amazing after these plants start growing more. You'll feel a good sense of pride and will have something to look forward to each morning as you see these plants grow more. Growing a garden is the perfect mix of some commitment but not too much that it takes up your life. You're a busy and important person after all! After planting your garden, you won't need more than 5 minutes a day to tend to your plants. Everyone has 5 minutes!

There are many in-home garden kits you can use starting today! Make sure to check these ones out.

3) Adventure Somewhere New

There's something about discovering something new that's so - magical. Even the littlest thing such as finding a new restaurant near your or exploring a new trail - the newness gives a refreshing and natural high that's perfect during a time where everything is coming to life again! Here are some simple adventures you can try - even today!:

-Explore a new trail

-Walk in a conservancy

-Join a recreational sports league

-Find a new building or coffee shop to get work done

-Try a new class

-Explore your neighborhood or apartment building and say hi to your neighbors

-Paint or do some type of craft. Bonus points if it's warm enough to do it outside!

-Flying a kite

-Doing anything OUTSIDE

Whatever adventure you take on, discover something NEW you haven't experienced near you that requires being outside in some way. We are never too old for adventures, no matter if their big or small, and the more you discover, the more new fun activities you will find to be in your area. And as they say, variety is the spice of life!

4) Last, But Not Least, Wear Spring Colors!

Gone are the days of wearing endless black that not only matches the dead of Winter, but covers the Winter weight gain. Time to spruce up your style with happy pastels and bright-er colors!

Not ready to wear bright clothes or still wanting to slim your look with dark colors? Jewelry can be the perfect cherry on top to show your appreciation for the Spring season upon us! It can also create a perfects statement look with those dark or neutral colors.

Brightening up your style after awhile brings that same feeling of newness we went over before. And a nice change of style can up your creativity and give you a boost in confidence. Here are some new styles I've created for you that you can check out today that scream "Spring!".

So, which tips are you going to try? Share these ideas with your friends and family to get your Spring off to the right start! Do you have another simple idea you'd like to share? I'd love to hear in the comments below! How are you going to start your Spring off this year?

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