Prepare your best festival outfits: 3 festival jewelry must-wear trends

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

It's true - festival season is postponed. The GOOD news is, you have more time to prepare! A new season means more different trends to try. But what type of new trends are out there for 2020 festival season? Read on to discover your new favorite pieces!

1. Head Chains and Headpieces

Have you ever seen one of these? In case you haven't seen these yet in my shop, headpieces are a truly unique way to show your personality and style. It also makes a great hair accessory! You can go so many different styles with these chains - especially in the Summer: Boho, Beachy, Glamorous - you name it! Wear it to your next party, or have a picnic on the beach with some of your BFF's! Hair jewelry can even cover up a bad hair day, because it accents your gorgeous locks no matter how they look!

Why You'll Love It:

-Complete unique look

-Perfect to accent your hair or to make a bad hair day a good one!

-Excellent for special occasions

The great thing about these pieces is that they're another way to play up a color you love. Especially gold or silver. Gold is wonderful at bringing out the warm tones in your skin, hair and clothes, and silver is excellent at highlighting the cooler tones. Wear one of these and for sure you will love this new embellishment to your outfit.

2. Chokers and Lariats

Chokers are making a comeback, but lariats are chokers on steroids! Lariats are long strands of either a textile, thread, chain or beaded strand that you can wrap around your neck as tight or as loose as you'd like. You can layer it to create several strands to your necklace or loosen it to make a longer or shorter necklace.

What's amazing about these necklaces is that you can tailor the lariat to your own style. So if you don't want a tight choker necklace, you can loosen it up and wear it longer. This is also an amazing way to customize your necklace based on the top or dress you're wearing!

Heck, get creative! You can wrap these around your head to wear as a headband or headpiece and rock your style with even more possibilities.

Why You'll Love It:

- Style Customization

- Fast to put on/take off

- Easy to bring anywhere

- Easy to wear with any outfit

3. Ring Bracelets

Now this is a style I promise you haven't seen - or have hardly seen - anyone else wear. Ring bracelets, also known as handlets, are unique bracelets that also attach to a ring around your finger, creating a beautiful boho-chic and festival-friendly style. This piece adds a new dimension and sparkle to your outfit.

Not only is this type of jewelry piece super cute, but you won't need to worry about it falling off since you're connecting the ring with the bracelet. If you want to wear this to a festival or concert, no need to worry about this piece falling off or you losing it!

Why You'll Love It

- Easy to wear anywhere (except the gym, but you'll be at a festival and will be dancing for your workouts)

- Easy to cover up when needed

Whether you're looking for a center jewelry piece or something portable and easy to wear, all of these three pieces share these qualities to have you wearing the most unique pieces for your unique self. Which one is your favorite? I'd love to hear! Discover and explore more pieces in my shop to find the one that fits you the most as this summer time is soon commencing!

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