Travel Advice: 5 Best Tips for Traveling with Jewelry

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Let's face it, we are all READY for sunny weather. Whether you have some Spring Break plans, a getaway from work, or are ready to head to a festival, now is the perfect time to travel!

But bringing along your favorite jewelry can be hard. So you either end up throwing your pieces in a plastic bag where they get tangled, or get too frustrated to think of bringing any. You may event decide to ditch the jewelry all together!

It can be frustrating, I understand. But have no fear! There ARE ways to wear that adorable new necklace you just got with those cute shoes to wear on the beach. As a Jeweler and a young woman who simply loves wearing my favorite jewels on trips, here are my top 5 tips for you so you can bring your jewelry to travel with ease:

1) Wear soft and textile jewelry materials.

Textile jewelry is any type of jewelry that is made of some fabric or cloth. Some examples are: suede (as seen in the photo to the right), leather, cotton, and hemp. Not only is textile jewelry comfortable so you're not pulling at your jewelry while on the plane or in a car, but it will breathe in warmer weather. You know that sweaty feeling when wearing jewelry made of metal? It doesn't stretch and feels so uncomfortable when you're sweating up a storm in the 70+ degree weather. Ick!

Wearing jewelry made of fabric will feel comfy and can be worn doing almost any type of activity you're doing. That way, you'll look cute, comfy and your jewelry will be the last worry on your mind on your well-deserved vacation!

2) Use buttons to organize your earrings.

You heard me right! You're probably thinking, "What do buttons have to do with organizing jewelry?" Well, I'm glad you asked!

Have you ever had that unfortunate experience of having a favorite pair of earrings, but you lose ONE of them so you can't wear the other? Argh! Makes me cringe thinking of it. But I'm sure either you or you know someone who has experienced this inconvenience. Here's where buttons come in to save the day!

Buttons are perfect for holding your earrings together! Buttons that have two holes in them are great to store a matching pair of earrings so you don't have to deal with the unfortunate feeling of losing one earring. Simply loop each of the earrings through each of the holes and make sure they are closed. Now you have a mini to-go earring holder. Perfect to store anywhere safely. Yay!

3) Two words: Plastic Wrap.

The last thing you need is to deal with is the endless time wasted trying to untangle your bracelets, necklaces and earrings while on vacation. Protect each and every one of your jewelry pieces from damage and tangles by sealing them in between two sheets of plastic wrap. This will prevent all that tangling that happens when you stuff all your pieces into a bag. The wrap will also coat your precious jewelry in a protective seal so they don't get bent, scratched or damaged any other way.

All you need to do is take two sheets of plastic wrap of the same size. Lay one plastic wrap on a flat surface. Separate your jewelry pieces on top of the wrap. Then, take the other piece of plastic wrap and place it on top of the other sheet with the jewelry and press to seal the jewelry pieces between the sheets. And, voila! You have some protected pieces of jewelry ready for vacation!

You can roll up your sealed jewelry to stuff into a pocket or lay them out flat at the bottom of your bag or suitcase. If you want to re-use the plastic wrap for the trip home, make sure to slowly peel back the top layer so the wrap doesn't crinkle. Or, bring some extra plastic wrap with you in case the original wrap crinkles too quick.

4) Only travel with jewelry that makes you happy.

Don't take your whole jewelry box with you. I know - when you have so many amazing pieces because you just have awesome style, it's tempting to bring everything with you. Remember, no matter how careful you are, jewelry can get lost! Just like anything else, something small can find its way some place it shouldn't be.

I remember back when I went on a family vacation to Hawaii, I was walking along the shores with my purple sunglasses. Of course, a wave came and I stumbled and they fell off. They ventured WAY out into the deep. Luckily, a fisherman found them and I got them back. But this is an exception, and jewelry will be more difficult to find! Not to mention they will have a higher chance of getting stolen if they are found by someone.

With this in mind, ask these questions to yourself when considering which pieces to take on your trip:

*Which pieces make me happy that I love wearing all the time?

*Which pieces go with my outfit(s)?

*If I lose this piece I'm bringing, how difficult or how much would it be to replace?

Use these handy dandy questions as a guide to help you determine which pieces to bring.

And last but NOT least....

5) Save room for getting jewelry on your travels!

There's no better tangible souvenir than purchasing an authentic piece from the destination you're travelling to. It's like bringing a piece of the experience and culture that you can wear!

Which is your favorite tip I've shared above? Have any other tips I haven't mentioned above that you've tried? Share them in the comments below! Also, share this post with your friends and family who would find this useful!

I hope you try at least one of these tips so you can make your travels easier and most importantly, have fun! Have a lovely vacation, everyone!



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