Don't get stuck choosing - pic 2 of your favs for the best value for your magical adventures! This powerful yin and yang duo headbands double your crystal magic and fun! Either wear this with your bestie or keep these 2 to wear based on your mood.


Created with semi-precious quality aura quartz and made with positive intentions, these crystal cat ears glisten all day in the light while lighting up the party with their iridescent glow at night - seriously, check out these headbands when light shines through them at night!


Comes in 3 different colors - light iridescence, rainbow aura, and glowing forest green.  Choose which variance you'd like by clicking your options to the right of the pictures. 


Why you'll love these

*Ethically handmade with quality & love

*Energizing aura quartz crystal

*Maximum comfort and durability to wear long-term

*Sparkles & glows in the sunshine

Crystal Kitten Ears Double Headband Bundle

Color Combos
  • I gladly accept returns & exchanges before 30 days after delivery. Please contact me for any questions.

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