Crystal Kitty Triple Ears Headband Bundle

Crystal Kitty Triple Ears Headband Bundle

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 The best things come in 3's - triple the crystal magic, triple the fun! Make your adventures and life more sparkly with your new favorite headband trio. Wear these with your squad to match each other or get 3 pairs on your own! 

 Created with semi-precious quality aura quartz, these crystal cat ears glisten all day in the light while lighting up the party with their iridescent glow at night - seriously, check out these headbands when light shines through them at night!

 Comes in 3 different colors - light iridescence, rainbow aura, and glowing forest green. Your choice of which colors to include in your bundle.

  • Ethically handmade with love in Chicago
  • Height: 16 cm x Width: 15 cm
  • Featuring high quality polished quartz gems that dazzle in rainbow colors in the sunlight, AND light up at festivals in the lights
  • Made for music festivals & outings -  top quality & durability
  • Comfort to wear all day - no headaches
  • Created with positive energy intention